For the main company site please goto:

The URL Rewrite is available in Odoo 8,9,10 and the Advanced SEO is available in Odoo 8,9,10.

Note: All modules are free if you host with us from £10 per user per month, for more info please visit here.

Please browse the pages under URL Rewrite examples above to view the URL re-writes available within the system.

This site also demo's the Advanced SEO capability within the advanced seo module.

Note the rules are displayed above the majority of the pages.

Please visit URL REWRITE LIST for a full list of all the rewrite rules on this website.

Some things to notice, the URL re-writes are preserved within the links in the pages themselves. e.g. Slides link (Presentations Menu Item) and the public channel was changed to:

The tag links and all other links inside that page are:

Thus preserving the SEO, the system will not use OLD Odoo URL's.

So /my-channels/etc will never be shown.

This applies to ALL links everywhere. Other examples /my-shop is now /my-shop, forum is now /our-forum.

These are simple rewrite examples to show how powerful this can be.