Advanced SEO Module

This page will illustrate several key features for the Advanced SEO Module.

Included is all URL Rewrite ability included with base module. (301 redirects, custom URLS etc)

Other functionality with this module:

  • Force SSL on sitemap toggle - This forces the /sitemap.xml to be generated with HTTPS.

  • Multi Language - Upon enabling multi language the system will work cross languages for meta data, OG Data and Tags

  • Cyrillic and foreign character support

  • OG Tag manipulation per page (Fields,Description,Image and Title)

  • Meta Title, Keywords and Description alterations for any page

  • Full website page listing

  • Robots file integrated with Sitemap. - Disallow rules in the robots file now remove the entries from the sitemap. *note ensure Python module: robotparser is installed.

  • Editable Page and Tag tree views

  • Category templates so users can push a set template of meta data out to all child products under the category.

Please note, this page has a Canonical URL Tag. Robots Follow, Index tags and Custom Meta Data. OG Tags: (Fields,Description,Image and Title)

Meta Data, Rewrite Links

This Page from Odoo

Here is an early version of this page in Odoo, you can see information about the rewrite link, Tags and the robots tag tab (see below picture).

Notice this page SRC has meta data, description, title, robots tag and Canonical tags.

Robot Tags from above page

Robots Tags, Canonical URL etc

Page Source Code

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Image with ALT Tag from Page Tags

To the right is an image with an alt tag added via the SEO backend. It also has a title tag.

Its a Phone
Odoo image and text block

A Tag Links - Page with No Follow

To the left is the view of this tag from Odoo clicking this page will link to a page where the robots has been altered to NO Index and NO Follow.


Category Templates

To the right you can see an Odoo view of a category template that has been created.

The template is setup with key words such as [[name]].
This template can be pushed to all products within that category.

Other options like push only to empty and only push to ones that have had templates before are available.


Its a Phone

Multi Lingual

All tags are translatable for any language.

Odoo text and image block