PR1 - DEMO Расширенный SEO и URL Rewrite ВЕБСАЙТОВ

For the main company site please goto:

The URL Rewrite is available in Odoo 8,9,10 and the Advanced SEO is available in Odoo 8,9,10.

Note: All modules are free if you host with us from £10 per user per month, for more info please visit here.

Пожалуйста, просмотрите страницы под URL Rewrite примеры выше для просмотра URL переписывает, доступных в системе.

This site also demo's the Advanced SEO capability within the advanced seo module.

Note the rules are displayed above the majority of the pages.

Please visit URL REWRITE LIST for a full list of all the rewrite rules on this website.

Some things to notice, the URL re-writes are preserved within the links in the pages themselves. e.g. Slides link (Presentations Menu Item) and the public channel was changed to:

The tag links and all other links inside that page are:

Thus preserving the SEO, the system will not use OLD Odoo URL's.

So /my-channels/etc will never be shown.

This applies to ALL links everywhere. Other examples /my-shop is now /my-shop, forum is now /our-forum.

These are simple rewrite examples to show how powerful this can be.